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Aug 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
, mary a, who's here with me, and three children -- aaron, sean, and megan. and megan is 8, and i just started coaching her in lacrosse, so it's anotheher five years. yeah, oh. it nev ends. it never ends. but it's fun. good to have all of you here. get ready. we'll do another "to up." this one is worth $2,000. ken,n, grab one of those. and here we go. "thing" is the category. [ bell chimes ] dawn. burst of energy. yeah. good job. [ applause ] and that's how it sounded. you'll be spinning the wheel in a moment. right now, jim, can you manage a burst of energy right now? i think you can plug in a major appliance to me, pat. 's that good. tonight's jackpot round is brought to you by denny's. announcer: denny's value menu's got the cheese quesadill all-you-can-eat pancakes, the classic burger, the fried cheese melt. [ sighs ] so many choices, so little airtime. the $2 $4 $6 $8 lue menu. only at denny's. and here's tonight's featured sandals resorts getaway. indulge in a luxury-included vacation created exclusively for two people in love at the sandals resort of your choice. pat: experience
Aug 7, 2013 6:00pm EDT
country. it sells for $18,000. country is one of fiat's biggest markets. sean casey will lead the office of faith-based initiatives. to increaseis engagement with faith communities around the world. >> the smithsonian is preparing a new exhibit that shows history through souvenirs but these are far from the mass-produced knickknacks that today. mr. preservation did not exist in this area. they would rake off relics and keep them. >> a hammer was kept on site to it shows pieces of it. how we have grown away from chipping away our heritage. >> the exhibit opens at the smithsonian castle on friday. get started. some thunderstorms popping up in the last few minutes. a lot of the radar west -- if developing, a shower south and east of reston. it is weaker now than it was a few minutes ago. that is the kind of pattern we have and will continue to have through the evening. showers and storms become more widespread. you can see the animation over the past 15 minutes. for more showers tomorrow. more widespread thunderstorms. a lot of it across western pennsylvania. a new surge of moisture coming
Aug 13, 2013 2:05am EDT
for jennifer's first "vogue" shoot. numbers to remember for sean penn, 52, his age, and six, as in a six pack. brand new pics of the star on a shirtless ibiza getaway with his girlfriend cristina piaget. summer's biggest fashion trend is all about shorts and i see you're rocking some short shorts right now. >> i happen to be, yes. they are on trend, mario. to be exact, short shorts are on trend and not just for the beach as you'll see in tonight's l'oreal paris wow cam. who wears short shorts? the short answer, everyone, and the e design lab showi three hot looks at emphatic at fred segal's, a what to wear how-to. >> this is our office meeting look. the knee raiser paired with the blazer. that makes the whole look sophisticated. this is great going g out to coffee with the girls. a leatherette short pairing a blouse like this with a gorgeous wedge shoe giving a long look to your legs. this ithe amazing outfit to wear on date night, fresh, gorgeous. >> for more summer shorts look, head over to and click on l'oreal paris wow cam. >> closed captioning and other consideration for "ext
Aug 12, 2013 7:00am EDT
kerri walsh. >> i can please talk to sean the lawyer? >> what are you talking about? >> sean would come back with cops with lawyers. >> i'm trying to prevent a urder from happening tomorrow. [applause] michael: whoo! yeah. all right, everybody. that's rebecca romijn and that's "king & maxwell." check out the season finale tonight. rebecca: and we are live tweeting on it. michael: now you say you've got a live tweet during the tweet is rebeccaa on >> rachael: today... >> this is a momma-daddy party, get your kids and put on sponge bob. >> rachael: you think you heard sherri shepherd say it all on "the view"? not even close. >> i started twitching, sal asked me to pick u a dollar bill. >> rachael: calorie blasting workouts that are outdoors and in. helping viewers spice up their sex lives. >> i'm going to make my own self pregnant. [cheers and applause] >> rachael: welcome, everybodod welcome! i'm so excited because today is another co-host monday,, which means i get to do just half the job and half the work i normally do. i love thihis next -- not only guest, but co-host. she's not just
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4